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Our Mission

Advocate for the empowerment of local governments to foster equitable, self-determined communities offering a path for all to a more livable California

Our Members and Allies

A statewide non-partisan group made up of elected officials, nonprofit and organization leaders, and individuals

Our Value to You

We bring a strong consistent voice to Sacramento to advocate for the views of our members and allies

We link and engage local leaders and community groups from across the state, to amplify each one’s power

We provide clear analysis and positions on complex land-use, housing, transit and environmental bills

We network with like-minded leaders at the city and neighborhood levels, maximizing our effectiveness

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Key legislation we support or oppose, research we rely on


Our 2020 Principles for Housing Legislation

    Livable California announces its framework for positive housing bills in 2020 to propose to our legislators, based on the following principles that respect people everywhere in California: State legislation that focuses on increasing the production and supply of


In 2019 We Opposed SB 50, SB 330, SB 592, AB 68 & AB 1487

In 2020, all California cities face an existential battle to save their livability, affordability and environment from state Sen. Scott Wiener of San Francisco, and his dozen or so hardcore followers in the legislature, who embrace Wiener’s failed theory that


Stop Scott Wiener’s SB 50

SB 50 is Roaring Back Very Soon! State Sen. Scott Wiener’s radical plan to kill single-family zoning statewide, destroying our neighborhoods to erect luxury buildings, is roaring back soon! This week, tell your own state legislator to


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Key Policy Goals