Livable California Board of Directors:

Rick Hall – President – resident of San Francisco, retired engineer and corporate executive, anti-gentrification advocate with United to Save the Mission, [email protected]

Carey White – resident of San Francisco, consultant and accountant, [email protected]

T. Keith Gurnee – resident and former Councilmember of San Luis Obispo, planner and urban designer, APA member, and past President of the California Planning Roundtable, [email protected]

Isaiah Madison – resident of South LA, planner, Planning, Land Use, & Beautification Co-Chair Area 1 Representative, Empowerment Congress West Area, [email protected]

Stuart Flashman – resident of Alameda, environmental, land use, and elections law attorney, [email protected]


William Barnaby Sr.– Lobbyist – resident of Sacramento, Resolute Company

William Barnaby Jr.– Lobbyist – resident of Sacramento, Resolute Company

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