About Us

Community / Equity / Action

Our Mission

We are a nonprofit that advocates for empowerment of local governments to foster equitable, livable communities and truly affordable housing

Who We Are

A statewide non-partisan group – including elected officials, nonprofit and organization leaders and individuals

Our Board is linked Here

Our Value to You

We bring a strong consistent voice to Sacramento to advocate for the views of our members and allies

We link and engage local leaders and community groups from across the state, to amplify each one’s power

We provide clear analysis and positions on complex land-use, housing, transit and environmental bills

We network with like-minded leaders at the city and neighborhood levels, maximizing our effectiveness

What We Believe In

Community / Equity / Action


Support housing as a basic right

Fight for truly affordable housing

Assure self-determination of local government

Preserve quality of life in our communities

Achieve smart and balanced growth

Respect lifestyle choices

Protect home ownership

Value the American dream