Livable California Endorses the “Our Neighborhood Voices Initiative

Our Neighborhood Voices Initiative Presents to Livable California 4/22/23 watch here.

Sacramento has gone too far, driving up land values and housing prices at the worst time in modern history. We support our allies who created the Our Neighborhood Voices Initiative. If approved by California voters in 2024, it ensures that local zoning and local land-use is decided locally. Not in Sacramento.

Learn more about the Our Neighborhood Voices Initiative here.

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The Our Neighborhood Voices Initiative, if approved by voters in Nov. 2024, gives each city council the power to override state land-use and zoning laws by adopting approaches that actually serve local needs. (In the unincorporated areas, county boards of supervisors will be empowered to set local zoning and land-use law.)

The Our Neighborhood Voices Initiative is highly sensitive to environmental, equity and policy laws that protect us all. The Our Neighborhood Voices Initiative does not let cities or counties undo the broader laws such as the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), California Fair Employment and Housing Act, the Coastal Act, or Housing Element Law.

How you can help:

Learn more at the initiative’s website HERE.