ACT NOW to Stop AB 725, the Deception Bill

Assembly Bill 725 (Buffy Wicks and Scott Wiener): Alert your state senator that AB 725 will let luxury apartment developers pave over thousands of thriving single-family, duplex & small apartment communities by stripping away local rules and moving heavy density to low-density areas.


Dear Senator,

Please oppose AB 725 by Buffy Wicks and Scott Wiener.

It requires that 25% of future “RHNA” growth be shifted by the cities into stable neighborhoods that are currently home to “2 to 35 housing units per acre.” What does that mean? We believe assembly members who kept AB 725 alive didn’t realize that that acreage-based definition means the takeover of single-family, duplex & small apartment neighborhoods — by luxury housing developers.

AB 725 creates unknowable consequences, ripping through our solid, affordable communities statewide. It will harm, not help, efforts to create housing. This bill requires no affordable housing. Please oppose AB 725.

ACT NOW to Stop AB 3173, “Luxury Walk-In Closets”

Assembly Bill 3173 (Richard Bloom): Please alert your state senator that AB 3173 proposes extreme density in California’s eight largest cities, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Long Beach, Sacramento and Oakland. Sen. Bloom seeks to radically miniaturize the concept of micro-units while allowing luxury prices estimated at $1,700 — for a room the size of a large closet.


Dear Assemblymember,

Please oppose AB 3173 by Richard Bloom, who proposes extreme luxury density in California’s eight largest cities by radically miniaturizing the size of “micro-units.” Micro-units are very seldom smaller than 300 square feet, but AB 3173 cuts the size to 80 square feet, not much more than a walk-in closet.

Developers will be exempt from local review, parking and height rules. Micro-units generate very high per-square-foot profits, and research shows the units will rent for about $1,700. This bill won’t create true housing and will be abused for corporate rentals and illegal Airbnb. This bill requires no affordable housing. Please oppose AB 3173.

ACT NOW to Stop AB 1279, “Punish the Middle Class”

Assembly Bill 1279 (Richard Bloom): Please alert your state senator that AB 1297 is based on a punishing concept in which certain middle-class areas will be deemed by the state to be “High Resource Areas” and will be targeted by this bill with transformation to dense luxury rental communities.


Dear Senator,

Please OPPOSE AB 1279.

This radical bill by Assemblyman Richard Bloom of Santa Monica, a Scott Wiener ally, will allow up to 120-unit apartment buildings in your residentially zoned neighborhoods if your city failed to reach an arbitrary goal called the Regional Housing Needs Assessment, or RHNA.

Never heard of it? Neither have most journalists, most academics and many legislators. Here’s why you should OPPOSE Bloom’s AB 1279:

More than 400 California cities have failed to approve enough housing units at the “target” rate set by regional housing officials, known as the Regional Housing Needs Assessment. This RHNA target was created as a helpful way for Sacramento to help cities guess how much housing they’d need in the next several years.

Today, thanks to state Sen. Wiener and others, this tool has been weaponized. It now punishes cities who don’t grow fast, even if developers don’t propose projects there and want to build elsewhere.

Under Bloom’s AB 1279, unsuspecting residents of lower-middle-class and middle-class “Opportunity Areas” – yet to be mapped by state bureaucrats — would see their communities upended.

AB 1279 allows 50-units per ¼ acre and 120-units per ½ acre, Within all existing residential areas, from single-family homes to mixed-use shopping districts. It’s unfair and punitive — and requires no affordable units. Developers can pay a modest “in lieu fee” to avoid offering a single affordable unit in these huge projects.

Please oppose AB 1279.

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