SB 50 is Roaring Back Very Soon

State Sen. Scott Wiener’s radical plan to kill single-family zoning statewide, destroying our neighborhoods to erect luxury buildings, is roaring back soon! This week, tell your own state legislator to OPPOSE Wiener. Send an Oppose SB 50 email to your legislator by clicking here.

Search the SB 50 Wipeout Map by clicking here, to learn if your street could be bulldozed! For almost every neighborhood in California the answer is YES, your street can and will be paved over by SB 50.

Read our SB 50 talking points here.

SB 330 Was Signed into Law by Gov. Newsom, a Terrible Mistake

Luxury Housing Bill SB 330 kills public hearings, discourages new urban parks to make way for luxury towers, and urges luxury developers to sue cities for $10K to $50K per unit if a bad project is rejected by your own city. SB 330 requires NO affordable units and is nothing more than a state license to ruin thriving communities.

Hundreds of calls and emails to Gov. Newsom urging him to Veto SB 330 were ignored. Please send Gov. Newsom an email by clicking here, to tell the governor he should not have silenced our most vulnerable communities by signing SB 330 and you are disappointed! 

To see our SB 330 talking points and analysis, please click here.

Together We Killed Wiener’s SB 592! Thank Our Legislators Below!

Senate Bill 592 by state Sen. Scott Wiener was killed in Assembly Rules Committee on Sept. 12 after Wiener changed a barbershop law into a nightmare for communities. Wiener’s sneaky rewrite of a barbershop bill was called a “gut-and-amend.” He wants to give luxury developers local power over land-use decisions, and cut out your city planners. It’s yet another outrageous Wiener idea. The Assembly Rules Committee said Wiener rewrote SB 592 so often they couldn’t understand it! 

Please today, thank the Assembly Rules Committee members for resisting intense pressure from the obsessed Scott Wiener and big developers. We must have legislators with guts. Please send a “thank you” to the handful of California legislators who stopped Wiener, by clicking here.

To see our SB 592 talking points and analysis, please click here.

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