Today, call and email Gov. Gavin Newsom, who we hear is unhappy about SB 1120, a blatant gift to market-rate developers that wipes out home-ownership and stable communities, and shatters Sacramento’s COVID-19 promise to encourage truly affordable housing.

Ask Gov. Newsom to VETO SB 1120 if it makes it to his desk!

Some 21 million Californians live in the state’s 7.4M owned homes, from Black South L.A. to heavily Latino Paramount to working-class San Fernando Valley. These families of all income levels are just now learning that THEY are targets of this speculator’s dream, SB 1120.

Urge Newsom to reject this bizarre and ugly bill from state Sen. Scott Wiener and Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins! Wiener has taken more money from developers than any legislator in California. Atkins is married to a developer.

Email Gov. Newsom NOW at:

Once you send your IMMEDIATE opposition to SB 1120, please go to our ACT NOW page for more that you can do!

It’s very, very REWARDING to contact your local City Council member and urge her or him to put the pressure on your Assemblymember to vote NO on SB 1120 next week!

It’s very, very REWARDING to then contact your Assemblymember (Find them HERE) and make sure your City Council member called, and then ADD your own thoughts against SB 1120.

CLICK HERE for our descriptions of the FIVE STILL ALIVE bad bills, including the worst of all, SB 1120.

Follow instructions on that page to urge legislators to kill SB 1120!