By John Mirisch : calmatters

A new Wall Street “product.” Another investment hard-sell for global capital. A timeshare sales strategy.

Behind all the talk of solving California’s housing challenges and providing more homes, at the end of the day that’s all Senate Bill 50, the “bold” plan by Sacramento politicians to eliminate single-family zoning, really is.

So when former Los Angeles County supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky described a predecessor bill as WIMBY, short for “Wall Street in my backyard,” he may have had no idea just how prescient his words were.

Despite being tabled for the moment, SB 50 is far from dead. Like so many other zombie bills in Sacramento, SB 50 will be back, gorier than ever, maybe even this year as a gut-and-amend zombie special…(more)

Thanks to our sitting president, the housing gentrification vs diversity issue has been brought to the national stage. According to this article in the Wall Street Journal “ Trump Administration to Take on Local Housing Barriers”, the president just created a new White House Council to remove barriers to affordable housing. Does this make him a WIMBY YIMBY? This act will force his opponents to take a closer look at the housing/gentrification/diversification puzzle at the national level, and clarify their plans in order to distance themselves from the administration’s policies. A couple of candidates have mentioned gentrification concerns, but, now they will all have to take it on. This should be interesting. Please leave comments here if you have any to share in public.