Upcoming Dates and Events of Interest:

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Aug 10 – 6 PM – Our Neighborhood Voices Initiative Informational Zoom Meeting

Catalysts is having a series of four town halls:

Aug 10 – How City Councils Can Join Others in the Lawsuits to Protect Against State Overreach. Guest – Pam Lee, Attorney with the law firm of Aleshire & Wynder, is representing cities with lawsuits against SB9 and the RHNA Audit.

Aug 24 – How CA’s Sixth Cycle RHNA was Rigged. Guest -Michael Barnes, former Albany City Council member and School Board member, economic research analyst, and science editor/writer.

Sept 7 – Housing Solutions and California’s Failed Housing Policies – Guest Bob Silvestri, president of Community Venture Partners and publisher of The Marin Post

Sept 21 – Why Our Cities Decided to Join the Lawsuits – Guests Mike Griffiths, Torrance City Council member (Charter City) and founder of CA Cities for Local Control, and John Cruikshank, Rancho Palos Verdes City Council member (General Law City)

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Aug 10Assembly Appropriations Committee Suspense Hearing

Aug 11 Senate Appropriations Committee Suspense Hearing

Aug 13 – 10 AM Livable California teleconference to discuss the bills that advance out of Appropriations Suspense and actions we can take. If you have previously attended our teleconferences use your previously assigned zoom link. We resend those on the day before for your convenience. Please don’t share your unique link. First-time attending? You must RSVP at this link.

Nov 8 – On November 8th we will elect many new California Assembly Members and Senators. See a listing of the candidates here. Get to know your district candidates so you can make good choices on November 8th.:

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