Tips For Calling into Hearings

The tricky part is getting assigned a “LINE NUMBER” and not being ignored or dropped by the hearing host! Here’s what you MUST do to be heard:

Call the toll free number and enter the access code .

You will be placed in the ‘waiting room’ where you are MUTED and you listen to the hearing.

Listen carefully for a VOICE that prompts you for your position on the various bills. It will ask if you SUPPORT a bill. . YES! So you must dial 1-0 immediately, which places you in the “SUPPORT” queue.

Later, the VOICE will prompt you, asking if you OPPOSE a bill. YES! So dial 1-0 right away, to be placed in the “OPPOSE” queue.

During the hearing, a live operator will at some point startle you, coming on your line and quickly assigning you a LINE NUMBER. The operator talks FAST. WRITE IT DOWN! You must know your LINE NUMBER, to speak!

Eventually, a live moderator, speaking to the gathered crowd, will CALL OUT YOUR LINE NUMBER and unmute you. Just start talking!

Don’t let them hang up on you! Quickly state your name, group, and why you SUPPORT or OPPOSE the bill.


Find the Senate Committee for a bill Here

Find the Assembly Committee for a bill Here

When you have chosen a committee, click on hearings to get hearing schedules, agendas, and call-in information