A game-changing study from Embarcadero Institute shows our major cities are fast-approving TOO MUCH luxury housing, under rules set by the legislature.

Even as we speak, the legislature is producing MORE SB 50 lookalike bills that reward MORE luxury housing! Remember that old definition of insanity?


A trio of wrong-footed LUXURY HOUSING bills

  •  SB 592 (by Scott Wiener)
  •  AB 725 (by Buffy Wicks-Scott Wiener-Nancy Skinner)
  • AB 953 (by Richard Bloom)

Embarcadero Institute’s new study shows how backward their “trickle down” luxury housing theory is. The media has it dead wrong. The legislature is misled. It’s a mess.

Embarcadero Institute Chart, click here: Highly populated California regions are approving HUGE amounts of luxury housing, in 10 of our 14 biggest counties.

Embarcadero Institute Study, click here: big counties will BLOW PAST the state’s housing approval goals in 2025:

  • In 2015, cities were ordered to approve 1.2 to 1.5M units by 2025. Big cities moved fast, and the 1.2 M need has been HUGELY SLASHED.
  • A “3.5 M housing unit” shortage cited by legislators & media is false, and is fueling a panic of bad bills in Sacramento.
  • Areas lagging are San Diego, Sacramento, Riverside & Kern counties. They face locale-specific problems. Ironically, mayors in Sacramento & San Diego love Scott Wiener’s one-size-fits-all forced on everyone.

Wiener has wasted 3.5 years pushing his thrice-rejected ideas, when legislators could have financed thousands of affordable units. PLEASE donate here to help Livable California lobby against the bad bills, and for some good ones. It’s expensive to fight Wiener’s vast donations from developers. We thank you all!

See the county-by-county charts below! Embarcadero Institute shows that 10 of the state’s 14 most populous counties are MEETING or BLASTING PAST state goals called RHNA. Yet ALL counties are failing to approve enough AFFORDABLE housing. Why? Because the legislature won’t finance it and lets developers build VERY LITTLE affordable housing. The state needs to clean its own house, and halt the vilifying of our cities and communities.