November 10, 2018: Livable California celebrated candidates who earned respect for running for office, because, winning or not, they added their voice to changing the narrative from a frenzied “housing crisis” to supporting paced, smart, and balanced growth.

A dozen people, including four who won a seat on their city council, earned certificates “In recognition of courage and commitment to advocate for local control, moderate growth, and balanced housing and commercial development that protects infrastructure and the environment.”

Anja Miller, Brisbane, Measure JJ, passed

Tony Kelly, 2nd place, SF BOS race, District 10

Lou Ann Bassan, 2nd place, SF BOS race, District 4

Tom DuBois, Palo Alto, re-elected CC

Michael Goldman, Sunnyvale CC

Steve Scherf, Cupertino CC

Liang Chao, newly elected Cupertino CC

Mike Murphy, ran in SF BOS race, District 4

Julie Testa, newly elected Pleasanton CC

Eva Chou, 2nd place, BART Board, District 8

Bern Steves, Attorney

Lydia Kou, Palo Alto CC

Susan Kirsch, Founder, Livable CA

Keith Gurnee, ran for mayor, San Luis Obispo

Alison Hicks, newly elected, Mountain View CC

Kathleen Jenkins,  Orinda CC