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Zev Yaroslavsky, former LA County Supervisor and former LA City Councilmember, astutely noted that state senator Scott Wiener’s SB827, which would take away local zoning authority from cities and replace it with Sacramento-mandated levels of density in certain areas, was a “real estate bill, not a housing bill.”

The exact same assessment should apply to SB50, Wiener’s latest iteration of SB827.

And I can prove it.

Yaroslavsky famously took the acronym of the developer-funded YIMBY groups that supported SB827 (“Yes in by back yard,” which itself is derived from NIMBY, “not in my back yard” — get it?) and put a new twist on it, describing the bill’s supporters as WIMBYs. That would be the acronym for “Wall St. in my back yard.”… (more)

is Vice-Mayor, City of Beverly Hills