August 26, 2021

SB 9 is on the agenda above, meaning there is a SMALL CHANCE that SB 9 will be voted on today, Aug. 26, following after the badly flawed SB 8 goes up for a vote. SB 9 is listed as No. 36 on today’s Assembly agenda for Thurs. August 26. Our current information is that it will not be voted on today by the 80 members of the California Assembly.

If SB 9 is going to be stopped, it will happen in the crucial Assembly, not in the state Senate.

To watch the Assembly floor debates today over 2021 proposed laws including the flawed SB 8 which we also oppose, go here:

Click on the right-hand box that says: “View Live Streams” to watch the Assembly floor action.

It may be a long day and SB 9 is likely to be held until August 30.

We have met with dozens of these Assembly members and met remarkable, interesting people. We can only hope that Assembly members were able to read the terrible fine print in SB 9 that:

  • Allows unbridled density and sprawl in our severe fire hazard zones, BUT this was unknown until Livable California’s volunteer attorneys figured out what the wording meant.

Congrats to our fantastic team for its belief in Sacramento government transparency in the sweeping SB 9!

  • Categorizes tiny towns out in the middle of broadband deserts as “urban” to justify state-controlled density on all single family lots, taking fundamental planning away from both small towns and cities.

This is how Canada got into trouble: Prime Minister Trudeau on Aug. 25 announced that if re-elected he will place a two-month ban on foreign investment in houses.

Investors are turning people’s houses into a way-too-hot commodity, including homes in our neighbor, Canada. And that’s what SB 9 does.

The Assembly has until Sept. 10 to act on bills. Then on Sept. 10, the 2021 Session of the California Legislature comes to an end.