SB 330 Was Signed by Gov. Newsom, a Terrible Loss for Communities!

Luxury Housing Bill SB 330, signed by Gov. Newsom, kills hundreds of public hearings statewide, silencing vulnerable and active communities, by slashing all city-sanctioned hearings to just five; SB 330 punishes communities for seeking new parks, by banning nearly 450 cities from downzoning land unless the city upzones another area, forcing the second area to accept far more housing density and less open space; even more bizarrely, SB 330 encourages luxury developers — and those claiming to be future tenants of their developments — to sue cities for $10K to $50K per unit, if a city rejects a bad luxury housing project. SB 330 by state Sen. Nancy Skinner requires NO AFFORDABLE UNITS. 

Hundreds of calls and emails to Gov. Newsom opposing SB 330 were ignored by the governor. Please send Gov. Newsom an email by clicking here, to tell him he should not have silenced our most vulnerable communities by signing SB 330 and you are disappointed!

To see SB 330 talking points, click here, and to read Livable California’s opposition letter, click here.