Stop Scott Wiener’s SB 50

SB 50 is Roaring Back Very Soon! State Sen. Scott Wiener’s radical plan to kill single-family zoning statewide, destroying our neighborhoods to erect luxury buildings, is roaring back soon! This week, tell


3.5 Million Housing Shortage Lie

Embarcadero Institute Unravels the 3.5 Million Housing Shortage Lie that has Panicked Sacramento and Fuels the Trickle-down Lobby. The Legislature wants 3.5 million housing units built by 2025, an impossible goal based


Stop SB 330

SB 330 Must Be Vetoed NOW by Gov. Newsom! Luxury Housing Bill SB 330 kills public hearings, discourages new parks to make way for luxury towers, and urges luxury developers to sue


Michael Storper Slams SB 50!

Watch as the globally brilliant and award-winning Michael Storper (London School of Economics/UCLA researcher) explodes the Millennials' Suffering Myth, and then utterly dismantles state Sen. Scott Wiener's SB 50 trickle-down luxury housing fiasco.