Meet With Your Legislator Now During the Summer Break

The legislature is on recess until Aug 1. This is the perfect time to set up meetings with your Assemblymember and your Senator, since they will be back in your district

You can get contact information for your two legislators here. Below are some suggestions for planning and having these meetings:

Arranging the meeting

  • Reach out to your Legislator’s district office (the local office). Tell them that you and a few other constituents would like to Zoom with the member to discuss housing legislation.
  • Get a commitment. You may need to accept a time that isn’t great. Take it anyway.
  • Offer to set up the Zoom meeting. Get the proper emails for the legislator and staff so you can send them the zoom invitation link.

Easy basics before the meeting!

  • Reach out to gather a few like-minded constituents, if you don’t already have a group. The more, the better.
  • Select a moderator to run the meeting if you prefer to not run it.
  • If possible, coordinate with your group to gather questions for the meeting.
  • You’ll likely be given a limited time by the office – 15 or 30 min, but the member may give you additional time if his schedule allows.

Meeting Agenda

  • Moderator introduces the Assemblymember and mentions good things they have done.
  • Moderator describes residents feelings about housing bills and any specific concerns.
  • Moderator or group members ask best questions from the group’s list.
  • Be respectful but firm. Push back if not hearing what you want.
  • Make a specific ask, if the group has one

After the Meeting – Follow up is great!

  • Send a thank you for their time (as well as to staffers who helped).
  • Spread the word on how it went and what the legislator said or promised.

Possible things to Discuss

What to discuss depends on the concerns of your group, but here are a few subjects to consider:

  • Housing Affordability
  • Housing along Commercial Corridors
  • Social Housing
  • Parking Restrictions
  • Local Control