Mayor Tornek said the City is prepared to go to court to fight if the State continues to siphon off more municipal authority.

“The law does not provide exemptions for cities like Pasadena, which are already generating housing at a rapid pace, Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek said.

“We have so much new housing that people are beginning to balk, but Scott Wiener from San Francisco has decided, in his wisdom, that we should have a lot more, regardless of what we’re doing,” Tornek said. “It’s really insulting and inaccurate and inappropriate and it’s going to create a backlash that I predict will have a much bigger impact than he may realize.”

The law would effectively do away with the city’s General Plan and local ordinances when it comes to areas designated “transit-rich” and “job-rich,” Pasadena Planning Department Director David Reyes said.

“The fact that they’ve effectively already eliminated all single-family zoning in the state of California is stunning,” Tornek said. “They did that in the granny flat (law).”

“They have to be more respectful of maintaining some level of local control than they have been,” he added. “I think they’re just running amok.” ……More