By Dick Platkin in

PLATKIN ON PLANNING-No, your eyes aren’t lying. Los Angeles is experiencing a building boom, mostly high-rise luxury hotels and apartments in a few select neighborhoods.

Some are already open, others are under construction, and the rest are either pulling permits or finalizing financing. Those claims that LA’s zoning is so restrictive that it prevents housing construction are simply not credible. They are, in fact, disproven by these carefully researched and frequently updated real estate publications.

Urbanize LA lists each of these new real estate projects by neighborhood, address, and status, along with a photograph or rendering. Furthermore, Urbanize LA divides the metropolitan area into 14 regions and 120 neighborhoods. This allows readers to determine what new housing is available, under construction, or proposed for any part of the greater Los Angeles area… (read the rest of  planning expert Dick Platkin’s bizarre recounting of L.A.’s overcharged building boom, even as Sacramento accuses and punish such cities for failing to boom.)