Livable California Endorses the “Stop the Sacramento Land Grab Initiative”

The purpose of this measure is to ensure that all decisions regarding local land-use controls, including zoning regulations, are made by the affected communities in accordance with applicable law.

If passed by California voters, this initiative would give communities the ability to undo the damage caused by bills like SB 330, SB 35, SB 9 and SB 10.

Status of the proposed initiative:

The proponents have changed the name of the initiative from “Californians for Community Planning” to “Stop the Sacramento Land Grab”

The initiative was filed on 8/25 and after a 30-day comment period an amended version was filed on 10/1 . Within 6 weeks, the Attorney General will issue a title and ballot summary. Then, the proponents have 180 days t0 gather 1.3M signatures to qualify for the 2022 ballot.

Download the complete text of the Stop the Sacramento Land Grab Initiative here.

Learn more about the Initiative at its website, here:

The initiative is a huge lift. It will need all of us as volunteer signature-gatherers, and millions of dollars, just to get on the ballot. Watch this space for how you can help. Meanwhile if you can help, contribute here.