Legislative Update for Final Month of 2022 Session

The legislature will return from summer recess Aug 1st.

The Appropriations committees will immediately take up over 840 bills in the first week – 466 measures set for the August 1 hearing of the Senate Appropriations Committee and 376 measures set for the August 3 hearing of the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

You should submit your support or opposition letters through the California Legislature Position Letter Portal.

We suggest Opposing AB 2011, AB 2097 and Supporting ACA 14

August 11 – Both Assembly and Senate Appropriations are expected to take final actions, including bills on suspense file.

The last 2 weeks in August are reserved for Floor hearings only.

Sept 1 is the end of this legislative session.

You still have another week to Meet with your legislator! The legislature will be on break July 1 to August 1. This is a good time to meet with your legislator in the district. You can find your legislator here. Suggestions for your meeting here.

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