NEWS UPDATE! Sunday Aug 30: Growing opposition to SB 1120 led to a delay by the Assembly in voting on the bill.
We think state Senate boss Toni Atkins didn’t have enough votes to it passed by the Assembly on Sunday!

Atkins and her closest ally Wiener have been unable to get enough votes in the Assembly to approve SB 1120 because city officials and assembly members are now learning what it would do to their communities.

The bill has major problems:
  • Assemblywoman Sydney Kamlager calls SB 1120 a major social justice issue, an “attack” on Black homeowners and their hard-won fight against racial restrictions to finally become homeowners.
  • It undermines local control and single-family home ownership by opening these neighborhoods to purchases by LLCs and rental corporations who can add housing density where homes now stand.
The Assembly is now expected to vote on SB 1120 on Monday, the last legal day to approve laws in California this year!

Assembly members will come under pressure from Atkin.

But other legislators are growing uncomfortable as they learn about

  • SB 1120’s serious environmental impacts, its social justice impact on Black and Latino areas, and
  • Its sweeping application to 7.4 million homeowners, amidst the COVID-19 crisis and minimal media coverage.

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