· PCASTS Can ‘SLO life’ survive when tech comes to town?

By Bill Fink May 24, 2019

Photo: miroslav_1, Getty Images/iStockphoto

“On Feb. 21, days after Amazon backed out of its plan to stage a second headquarters in New York City, the mayor of San Luis Obispo issued a statement lambasting the online retailer for “destroying our downtowns and having a negative impact on our communities.” Not only was Amazon hurting local retailers, Mayor Heidi Harmon wrote, but its presence also weakened the “social glue that holds us together.”

“The conflict in SLO underscores the quandary familiar to anyone who has lived in the Bay Area during the Web 2.0 era of tech expansion: how to grow economically without sacrificing the identity of a place that made it attractive in the first place.”

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