Testify Against SB 902 and SB 1120 at Sacramento’s Virtual Hearing Tuesday Aug. 18, 10 am.

Get in the phone queue at about 9:30 am Tuesday. Urge the Assembly Appropriations Committee to oppose SB 1120! Call back later in the day (it’s pure guesswork as to when, see agenda below) to testify against SB 902!

After you testify against SB 1120 that morning, call back in about three hours (the time is unknown) and get back in the queue. Listen for SB 902 to be called. To monitor the hearing via livestream, so you don’t miss SB 902 halfway through the day, CLICK HERE.

To receive an text update, on when to call in for SB 902; text the words “hearing 902” to the number 21000.

Rules for calling in on Tuesday Aug. 18 to Oppose SB 1120 and SB 902:

Call toll free 1-877-692-8957, and enter Access Code: 2426237

(You’ll get a non-working response if you call too early. If you run into trouble, check the state website for any changes: https://apro.assembly.ca.gov/hearings)

Tips on how to speak:

Do NOT say your name and then “I oppose” — or the chair will cut off your mic. Use the word “oppose” or “against” only at the END of your comment.

Instead: A. Say your name, B. Say any group you belong to AND the area in which you live (such as South L.A., or Inland Empire), C. Say how the bills harm your area or diverse communities. THEN say “oppose.”

Say your name, say your piece quickly, then say “I/We Oppose.” Good Luck!


When you call in, you will be placed in a “waiting room” where you will be muted but you can listen to the hearing. When the hearing moves to public comment, a moderator will ask for those wishing to testify in “Support” to press 1-0 (one, then immediately zero, ). After SUPPORTERS speak, the moderator will ask those waiting in “Opposition” to press 1-0 (one, then immediately zero).

DO NOT press 1-0 during the Support segment. And do NOT press 1-0 TWICE “to be sure,” or the system will remove you from the queue!

Press 1-0 (one, then immediately zero), just once!

Once you press 1-0, wait until an operator comes on to speak to you. The operator will assign you a random “line number” and you are placed in the queue!


Then relax, listen for your line number. Water your plants! Make a sandwich, but listen for your LINE NUMBER.

When you hear your LINE NUMBER make sure your phone is UNMUTED.

Order the Bills Will Be Heard on Tuesday Aug. 18, Starting at 10 am:

Bill’s Name, Author’s Name, Bill Topic

A.B.No. 3330 Calderon.Department of Consumer Affairs: boards: licensees: regulatory fees.

S.B.No. 757 Allen.California Environmental Quality Act: environmental leadership projects: exclusive public mass transit guideway.

S.B.No. 1044 Allen.Firefighting equipment and foam: PFAS chemicals.

S.B.No. 1380 Allen.Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy: acquisition of real property.

S.B.No. 480 Archuleta.Law enforcement uniforms.

S.B.No. 895 Archuleta.Energy: zero-emission fuel, infrastructure, and transportation technologies.

S.B.No. 907 Archuleta.Child abuse or neglect investigation: military notification.

S.B.No. 995 Atkins.Environmental quality: Jobs and Economic Improvement Through Environmental Leadership Act of 2011: housing projects. (Note: this is one of the 7 bills still alive, of the Nine Bad Bills. Testify against!)

S.B.No. 1120 Atkins.Subdivisions: tentative maps. TESTIFY AGAINST. ONE OF TWO WORST BILLS!

S.B.No. 860 Beall.Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program: postsecondary education financial aid applications.

S.B.No. 1351 Beall.Transportation improvement fee: revenue bonds.

S.B.No. 203 Bradford.Juveniles: custodial interrogation.

S.B.No. 1192 Bradford.Firefighters’, police officers’, or peace officers’ benefit and relief associations.

S.B.No. 1410 Caballero.COVID-19 emergency: tenancies.

S.B.No. 1459 Caballero.State highways: relinquishment: State Route 183.

S.B.No. 573 Chang.Dogs and cats: microchip implants.

S.B.No. 653 Chang.Dental hygienists: registered dental hygienist in alternative practice: scope of practice.

S.B.No. 921 Dahle.State highways: Route 174: relinquishment.

S.B.No. 989 Dahle.Sierra Nevada Conservancy: Sierra Nevada Region: subregion: definitions: annual report.

S.B.No. 214 Dodd.Medi-Cal: California Community Transitions program. (Urgency)

S.B.No. 884 Dodd.Education finance: emergencies: public safety power shutoffs.

S.B.No. 1237 Dodd.Nurse-midwives: scope of practice.

S.B.No. 9 Durazo.Surplus residential property: sale procedures: generally and El Sereno neighborhood.

S.B.No. 1111 Durazo.Juveniles: detention facilities.

S.B.No. 1290 Durazo.Juveniles: costs.

S.B.No. 1399 Durazo.Employment: garment manufacturing.

S.B.No. 627 Galgiani.Cannabis and cannabis products: medicinal use on an animal: veterinary medicine.

S.B.No. 1347 Galgiani.Veterinary medicine: license exceptions: limited veterinary services premises registration.

S.B.No. 1232 Glazer.CalWORKs: postsecondary education.

S.B.No. 369 Hertzberg.Prisoners: California Reentry Commission.

S.B.No. 522 Hertzberg.Business entities: filings.

S.B.No. 793 Hill.Flavored tobacco products.

S.B.No. 865 Hill.Excavations: subsurface installations.

S.B.No. 1159 Hill.Workers’ compensation: COVID-19: critical workers.

S.B.No. 1301 Hueso.Tijuana River Valley: binational watershed development plan.

S.B.No. 974 Hurtado.California Environmental Quality Act: small disadvantaged community water system: exemption.

S.B.No. 1012 Hurtado.Oil and gas wells: hazardous or idle-deserted wells and facilities.

S.B.No. 1207 Jackson.Skilled nursing facilities: backup power system.

S.B.No. 1383 Jackson.Unlawful employment practice: family leave.

S.B.No. 878 Jones.Department of Consumer Affairs: license: application: processing timeframes.

S.B.No. 67 McGuire.Cannabis: marketing: appellations of origin: county, city, or city and county of origin.

S.B.No. 431 McGuire.Telecommunications service: backup electrical supply rules.

S.B.No. 629 McGuire.Public peace: media access.

S.B.No. 1189 McGuire.Contracting business: home improvement: residential property.

S.B.No. 977 Monning.Health care system consolidation: Attorney General approval and enforcement.

S.B.No. 275 Pan.Health Care and Essential Workers Protection Act: personal protective equipment.

S.B.No. 406 Pan.Health care: omnibus bill. (Urgency)

S.B.No. 852 Pan.Health care: prescription drugs.

S.B.No. 1029 Pan.Medi-Cal: County of Sacramento.

S.B.No. 758 Portantino.Health and care facilities: disaster and seismic preparedness.

S.B.No. 1299 Portantino.Housing development: incentives: rezoning of idle retail sites. (Note: This is a GOOD HOUSING BILL. Testify FOR IT if you have time.)

S.B.No. 292 Rubio.Wildfire risk modeling and mitigation.

S.B.No. 614 Rubio.Teacher credentialing: reading instruction.

S.B.No. 1141 Rubio.Domestic violence: coercive control.

S.B.No. 33 Skinner.Electronic benefits transfer system.

S.B.No. 776 Skinner.Peace officers: release of records.

S.B.No. 1064 Skinner.Prisons: confidential informants.

S.B.No. 739 Stern.Elections: vote by mail ballots and false or misleading information. (Urgency)

S.B.No. 1320 Stern.Climate change: California Climate Change Assessment.

S.B.No. 1348 Stern.Fire prevention: vegetation management: public education: grants: defensible space: fire hazard severity zones: forest management

S.B.No. 665 Umberg.Mental Health Services Fund: county jails.

S.B.No. 980 Umberg.Privacy: genetic testing companies: COVID-19 testing.

S.B.No. 1196 Umberg.Price gouging.

S.B.No. 908 Wieckowski.Debt collectors: licensing and regulation: Debt Collection Licensing Act.

S.B.No. 592 Wiener.Jury service.

S.B.No. 855 Wiener.Health coverage: mental health or substance use disorders.

S.B.No. 899 Wiener.Planning and zoning: housing development: higher education institutions and religious institutions

S.B.No. 902 Wiener.Planning and zoning: housing development: density. TESTIFY AGAINST. ONE OF TWO WORST BILLS.

S.B.No. 932 Wiener.Communicable diseases: data collection. (Urgency)

S.B.No. 409 Wilk.Illegal dumping.

S.B.No. 580 Wilk.Animal abuse: probation: treatment.

S.B.No. 1255 Committee on Insurance.Insurance.

S.B.No. 1264 Committee on Human Services.Human services.

S.B.No. 1291 Committee on Transportation.Federal Statewide Transportation Improvement Program: submissions. (Urgency)

S.B.No. 1472 Committee on Natural Resources and Water.Public resources: school lands.

S.B.No. 1473 Committee on Governance and Finance.Local Government Omnibus Act of 2020.

S.B.No. 1474 Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development.Business and professions.

SB 1120 Summary:

Crushes single-family zoning, a threat to 7.5 to 8 million homeowners at all income levels. State Sen. Scott Wiener, co-author of SB 1120, has called yards and single-family homes “immoral.” SB 1120 allows 4 market-rate homes where 1 home now stands. SB 1120 requires NO affordable homes in the year of COVID-19 — a disgrace. SB 1120 forces home-buyers to compete directly against rental giants like Irvine Company and Blackstone, who will be empowered to buy single-family homes, split the land, and build a total of four market-rate homes — no garage, no yard. The bill does NOT restrict buyers to build affordable-sounding “duplexes.” That spin is false from the authors, and is not in the bill. Reckless SB 1120 opens all single-family streets to speculation frenzy.

SB 902 Summary:

Allows a simple majority on any of California’s 400-plus city councils to rezone “any parcel” to 10-unit luxury apartments, getting around the California Environmental Quality Act and overriding other zoning — inviting upheaval in older, diverse, multi-family areas and quiet, single-family areas. SB 902, like SB 1120, requires NO affordability in the year of COVID-19, a disgrace. Many now predict that within months, luxury housing developers will attempt to elect new city council members willing to upend city-adopted community plans and city zoning that doesn’t allow 10-unit luxury projects. As with SB 1120, this bill opens California to speculation frenzy.