What can small towns, exurbs and big cities do, now that the legislature and Gov. Newsom have wrongly dictated fourfold market-rate density on single-family streets? Join us at Livable California, (go here to sign up), or you won’t receive invites to our teleconferences.


Livable California supports affordable housing with new efforts now that the 2022 legislative session is fast-approaching.

Email us your ideas for affordable housing education and legislation, at [email protected]

United Neighbors’ presentation, “Affordable Housing via Community-Based Zoning,” shows how cities can create affordable housing where Sacramento has failed for five years.


Support the Californians for Community Planning Initiative. They need major donors. The proponents hope to “Stop the Sacramento Land Grab” via this voter initiative. But first, they must raise funds to gather sufficient signatures to place it on the 2022 California ballot.
Go to the Californians for Community Planning Initiative website, here.


This is the best time to develop a relationship with the district staff of your legislators, and meet your Assemblymember and your state Senator.

Find your Assembly and Senate representatives, here.