Call into Hearings April 22 and April 29

April 22 – Thu

Senate Governance and Finance Committee

SB 10 (Weiner) – Planning and zoning: housing development: density – Oppose

April 29 – Thu

At Senate Housing Committee – Wiener, Chair

SB 6 (Caballero) – Local planning: housing: commercial zones. – Oppose

SB 8 (Skinner) – Housing Crisis Act of 2019. – Oppose

SB 9 (Atkins) – Housing development: approvals. – Oppose

SB 478 (Wiener) – Planning and Zoning Law: housing development projects. – Oppose


Tips For Calling in:

The tricky part is getting assigned a “LINE NUMBER” and not being ignored or dropped by the hearing host! Here’s what you MUST do to be heard:

Call the toll free number and enter the access code .

You will be placed in the ‘waiting room’ where you are MUTED and you listen to the hearing.

Listen carefully for a VOICE that prompts you for your position on the various bills. It will ask if you SUPPORT a bill. . YES! So you must dial 1-0 immediately, which places you in the “SUPPORT” queue.

Later, the VOICE will prompt you, asking if you OPPOSE a bill. YES! So dial 1-0 right away, to be placed in the “OPPOSE” queue.

During the hearing, a live operator will at some point startle you, coming on your line and quickly assigning you a LINE NUMBER. The operator talks FAST. WRITE IT DOWN! You must know your LINE NUMBER, to speak!

Eventually, a live moderator, speaking to the gathered crowd, will CALL OUT YOUR LINE NUMBER and unmute you. Just start talking!

Don’t let them hang up on you! Quickly state your name, group, and why you SUPPORT or OPPOSE the bill.


Send Letters and Zoom with Legislators to Stop SB 9 & SB 10

Don’t let Sacramento’s rush-job hearings kill our single-family streets and swamp California with unaffordable housing. State Sen. Scott Wiener, who called yards “immoral,” wants to end single-family zoning, jamming 4 full-sized houses or units (no garage, no yard, no affordability) and 10-unit projects, where 1 home sits now. All cities will be severely disrupted, from San Diego to Huntington Park, South L.A. to Ventura, Oakland to Redding.

Use the Legislative Portal to urge key committees to oppose SB 9 and SB 10:

The Legislative Portal where you submit your letters is HERE.

But first, be armed with two ready-to-go letters: one against SB 9, one against SB 10. PDF or Word.

Letters from groups, even block clubs, have great impact: Create a name for yourselves that fits you.

Craft a letter: Put your group name or logo, and address, at the top. You must sign the bottom.

Points against SB 9 are identical to the killed SB 1120, described here. Read up, but use your own words in your letter against SB 9.

• Points against SB 10 are here. Read up, but use your own words in your letter.

Learn How to Use the Cranky State Portal:

To request training or help with the Portal, email us NOW at: [email protected]

Or watch this painless video on how to use The Portal and upload your letter. Once you’ve done it, it’s easy next time!

It’s crucial to call and meet with your legislator ASAP:

Call and Zoom with them NOW. Yes, they’ll agree to Zoom with residents. Honestly. Find your 2 legislators here.

Click here to send a letter opposing SB 9 to all members of the state legislature!