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Empower communities to take action to support  local community planning and decision making with the goal of an equitable and sustainable future for California.

Grow and sustain communities that meet the needs of individuals and families, governed by locally elected City Councils and Boards of Supervisors, in collaboration with regional agencies, and free from undue influence of big business and Sacramento.



Under an umbrella of community, equity, and initiative, we value social justice, equal opportunity, truth and transparency, fiscal responsibility, and competence in government. We encourage an involved, inclusiveness, and independent electorate.


Who We Are

We originated in the San Francisco Bay Area and extended our network to Los Angeles and Southern California. We are now reaching out to cities and counties across California to build empowered coalitions with like-minded elected officials, organizations and individuals.

We are a non-partisan group –  including elected officials, nonprofit and organization leaders, business and union people; neighborhood, renter, and homeowner leaders, and community leaders. 



Short Term Goal – 2019 

Defeat anti-community state legislation 

 Recently introduced bills usurp local community planning authority. They promote demolition, evictions, displacement, congestion, and overcrowding. They don’t provide funding for the infrastructure burden they bring into our communities, nor do they provide affordable housing. The bills are a statewide, one-size-fits-all solution with no regard for equity. This legislation is supported by big business and special interests that will get windfall profits.

 Support local solutions and state legislation that align with our Mission and Values.



Long Term Goal

Grow and empower a unified network of coalitions across California to take political action to elect candidates and influence legislation to ensure a Livable California

Create successful new legislation and initiatives in concert with our partner organizations



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