NEWS UPDATE: On Saturday Aug. 29, the California state senate APPROVED AB 725, cousin to SB 1120, in a split vote. Needing 21 votes, it got 23. An unfortunate outcome.

Now the two houses will have a meeting called “concurrence” to work out lingering details.

Then, the bill goes to Gov. Newsom.

We hope Newsom sees AB 725 as it is: A divisive bill that forces California cities to “upzone” themselves to prepare for large population forecasts that the U.S. Census makes clear, are NOT coming.

AB 725, one of our Nine Bad Bills, “upzones” most residential areas to very housing density levels — but amidst flat growth.

If signed by Newsom, AB 725 would take effect 2-3 years from now.

Why is this happening? AB 725 empowers developers and disempower cities, by shifting the power base to the builders and away from city planners. This law is based on a poorly crafted population boom forecast from Silicon Valley financed Terner Center.

The boom is not coming, says the US Census. This was clear BEFORE the pandemic.

Silicon Valley is switching to remote work. Pinterest just cancelled its move to its long-planned Bay Area complex. Buildings have “For Rent” signs. Bay Area hot spots are dark at night with empty, unrented, glass boxes.

Wicks, Wiener and especially Terner Center didn’t get the memo! The rest of California pays the price.

MANY senators were uneasy about AB 725.

Voting against it were straight-shooters including Robert Hertzberg, Anthony Portantino, Steve Glazer and Ben Allen, a telling outcome.


The two houses will work out remaining details, then send AB 725 to Newsom.

We’ll soon ask you to strongly OPPOSE AB 725 by contacting the governor HERE.

The deadline to approve new laws is Aug. 31, just two days away. Newsom has 12 days after approval, to sign a bill.