AB 2011 could be the worst bill of 2022 for taking away local control!

  • AB 2011 was a gut and amend that created a massive new bill on April 18th
  • It requires ministerial approval of construction across a broad category of zones – including office, retail, and parking.
  • AB 2011 is a massive state taking of flexibility needed by local jurisdictions to place housing where it best meets the needs of the community.
  • CEQA is circumvented on these projects. CEQA is an important source of information to the community and developers and helps protect the environment.
  • Cities are not allowed to require parking for these projects. Parking is a necessary feature for many developments. Any developments containing commercial space are particularly sensitive to parking needs.
  • The bill’s labor requirements make the cost of housing higher than necessary when what we need is more affordability.
  • The bill’s contains monthly labor reporting requirements that are a burden on both construction contractors and the local governments expected to enforce the bill’s labor requirements.
  • The department is allowed to adopt guidelines or terms that are not subject to the Administrative Procedures Act Government, taking away an important review process.
  • AB 2011 details pages of standards imposed by the state that are best left to local communities.

See full bill text here.

See our Opposition Letter here.