Legislative Calendar & Livable CA Actions

Legislative Calendar & Livable CA Actions

May 20 – May 31 –  Floor votes in Houses of Origin: SB 330; AB 1487; AB-68

Resource: http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/

Actions: SB-330 (Skinner) –  League of CA Cities – Oppose

      1. Call your Senator.  Adapt this script to suit you. If you have an elected title, use it: My name is__. I’m the president, sec/treasurer of ____ (neighborhood, homeowner, renter group). I’m calling to urge Senator XXX to OPPOSE SB-330. Like SB-50, this is a heavy-handed, top-down interference with cities’ capacity to plan and govern responsibly. SB-330 is poor policy and doesn’t solve the housing problem. Please oppose.
      2. Contact your elected City Council or Board of Supervisors contact. Urge Letters of Opposition to local Senator, calls and emails.
      3. Call business owners you know. Urge them to call referring to themselves as a business person.
      4. If you’re a community leader, share this information with your group and urge action


Actions: AB-1487 (Chiu). League of CA Cities – Watch

      1. Call your Assembly rep.  Same steps 1-4 above, with this starter script;
        My name is__. I’m the president, sec/treasurer of ____ (name your group). I’m calling to urge Assemblyman/woman ­___ to OPPOSE AB 1487. A Bay Area Regional Housing Agency, without accountability, but with the authority to raise $1.5 billion dollars a year in new taxes and fees is poor policy, undermines local control, and will not solve the housing problem. I urge you vote no.


Actions: AB-68 (Ting). League of CA Cities – Oppose unless Amended

      1. Call your Assembly rep.  Same steps 1-4, with this starter script.
        My name is__. I’m the president, sec/treasurer of ____ (name your group). I’m calling to urge Assemblyman/woman ­___ to OPPOSE AB-68 that would give developers, not elected City Councils, the right to decide size and design limits for a secondary unit. That’s putting authority in the wrong hands. Vote to oppose.


Actions:  With time and energy, encourage ‘no’ on these bills, too, or add your own favorite.

AB-1279 – Requires HCD to designate “high resource areas” and makes development “by right.”

ACA-1 – Reduces vote threshold for local bonds or special taxes for affordable housing production, preservation or public infrastructure.


June 3 – July 13Policy Hearings in Opposite house of the origin of the bill

SB 330 –  Assembly Housing Committee; Local Government Committee

AB 1487 and AB 68  –  Senate Housing; Governance & Finance


  1.  https://www.livablecalifornia.org/resources. Download spreadsheets with committee names, members, contact info
  2. CA Legislature Advocates Portal.  The portal is available to individuals and advocates through the link https://calegislation.lc.ca.gov/Advocates/


  1. Like the all-out effort on SB-50, call, write emails, submit letters on organizational letterhead using the Advocates Portal.  If a bill doesn’t die in committee, follow it to the next and repeat.
  2. LCA/Coalition to Preserve LA may host another Lobby Day.
  3. Talking Points: Keep it simple. See starter scripts above.

July 12 – August 11 – Summer Recess – Schedule meetings with your Senator/Assembly person. Form a team of 2-3 from the district, w/ 1-2 elected officials, a business person, and a community leader.

August 12 – Sept 13. A sprint to the end of the session, ripe time for shenanigans

  1.  Send emails/ letters to Appropriations Committees.
  2. Possible Livable California / Coalition to Preserve LA Lobby Day

Sept 3 – 13 –  Final Floor Sessions – Call Senators/Assembly reps. Similar to activity from May 20-31.

Sept 14 – October 13 –  On Governor’s desk.