[WEEK of AUG. 23-AUG 30:] The worst of the Nine Bad Bills, SB 1120, heads to a full Assembly vote, FOR SURE ON SUN., AUG. 30. If approved (it faces major hurdles in the Assembly), it goes to the senate, and if approved there (that would be likely) it goes to Gov. Newsom! That’s BAD.

SB 1120 aims to disrupt 21M Californians of all income levels, who live in 7.4M homes with yards, which state Sen. Scott Wiener has called immoral. The bill is pushed by Wiener, who has taken more developer money than any other California legislator, and state Senate boss Toni Atkins, married to a developer.

SB 1120 lets developers demolish good homes, split the land in half, and build four expensive rental homes without yards or garages — where one older and more affordable home stands today.

It destroys single-family neighborhoods with no input from residents.

It forces families, trying to buy a home, to bid against major rental giants who will be scooping up properties to subdivide and erect four cheek-by-jowl houses.

LET’S KILL THIS AWFUL BILL on the Assembly floor SUNDAY. We urge each of you:

1) Call and email YOUR OWN city council member NOW, locally. Insist that they pressure your local Assemblymember to OPPOSE SB 1120.

2) Email all 80 Assembly members to oppose SB 1120, by clicking HERE!

4) We MUST have your zip and email to get word out if the situation changes, so click HERE!

Background for those just now joining us:

Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins (married to a developer) promised the 2020 housing laws would address COVID-19, but she did the opposite.

There’s virtually nothing for the poor, and major gifts for market-rate developers.

Her top ally, Scott Wiener (who takes more money from developers than any other California legislator), led a rush-job effort to get legislation passed under cover of COVID-19, with minimal public input.

SB 1120, the worst of the Nine Bad Bills opposed by Livable California, several days ago passed the state Assembly Local Government Committee in a tense 5-to-3 vote.

Four of the original Nine Bad Bills we fought are now DEAD. (SB 902 is dead. That was Scott Wiener’s third-in-a-row attempt to force 10-unit luxury building onto nearly every residential street in California. Also dead are the badly reasoned, wrong-headed AB 1279, AB 3107 and AB 3040).

Thankfully, on Aug. 20, SB 902 was killed. But SB 1120 passed.

It is now waiting in the wings for Sunday, when it will FINALLY be voted upon by the 80-member Assembly. There is one possible twist: if the bill is in serious trouble, author Atkins can pull the bill and let it die quietly.

If SB 1120 gets to Gov. Newsom’s desk, we will ask YOU to urge HIM to VETO it.

SB 1120 could profoundly change life in California in its dramatic attack on home ownership.

Yet the bill’s existence is unknown to a public overwhelmed with COVID-19 and economic strain.

So it was incredible when more than 350 of you attended the Sat. Aug. 15, South LA Town Hall Against SB 1120 and Other Bad Bills.

Watch this stirring video of Black Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager, telling the South LA Town Hall that SB 1120 is an attack on Black homeownership.

We were thrilled to be joined at Sacramento hearings by Tenants Together, numerous Black community groups; Latino leaders from Boyle Heights, Pacoima and environs; and neighborhood leaders from Long Beach, San Francisco, the Inland Empire, Santa Monica, San Fernando Valley, Bay Area communities, the South Bay, San Diego County and The OC.

We hope California Speaker Anthony Rendon will take up the cause of unsuspecting working people and equity communities like South L.A. and Boyle Heights, and Latino homeowner communities like Paramount, Bell Gardens and Sylmar.

Speaker Rendon and the 79 other Assembly members MUST HEAR from you!