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Journalists need to be informed on the Impacts of SB 50

Please reach out to a handful of journalists, not just in your area but in parts of California still asleep on SB 50. Talk over what the bill really does. Explain in your own words. Share the talking points and ask them to review them. 


The goal is to change the media narrative about SB 50: This is not a softer version of SB 827. It is a much more radical bill that will harm cities large and small, and destroy communities and single-family communities nowhere near transit.

The longer reporters are in the dark, the less likely we will have an opportunity to influence how they frame the argument, and what they write.

Remember, most journalists operate in an echo chamber, pressed for time they repeat what they hear — both from other journalists, lawmakers like Scott Wiener and experts who don’t question the failed trickle down theory.

We are armed with facts and those can be used to shift the conversation.  Scott Wiener and his PR team — including the developer lobbyist group California YIMBY — are doing the same.

Here are some tips in dealing with journalists: 

  1. Pick a journalist after typing in their name to see what pops up on Google. It doesn’t matter if they haven’t covered housing lately. It’s just polite to know SOMETHING about their coverage before you contact them. VERY FEW reporters cover housing in and of itself — almost nobody.
  1. Write an email expressing your concern about SB 50. Target the issue about the bill that most concerns you or will affect THEIR area. Pick one local journalist and one journalist in another area so we have a broad reach to journalists across the state. This is what will get the journalist’s attention.  Add, a human interest angle, or an experience you have had regarding rising rents; developers overrunning your area with luxury housing with little affordable; transit ridership dropping in Los Angeles and other areas that continue to build luxury housing around rail stops; things that you can personally relate to and speak about.
  1. Include 3 to 4 bullets points with a few solid facts about how SB 50 will negatively and indiscriminately affect the entire state whether it is San Francisco or the smallest town. (use the SB 50 talking points).
  1. Be super polite and indicate that you are open to discussing your concerns in a conversation — on the phone, and on the record.
  1. Once you have emailed them, follow up with a phone call to make sure the reporter has received your email.
  1. Always be polite.


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