Short Term Goal 

Kill the Bills (SB-827 and SB-828) 


Housing Affordability is a major problem that we want to help solve. But these bills are the wrong solution – they must be defeated

These are power grabs by state and regional bureaucrats that usurp local community planning authority

They promote demolition, evictions, displacement, congestion, and overcrowding

They provide no funding for the infrastructure burden they bring nor for affordable housing

They promote luxury “stack and pack” housing with no regard for equity

The bills are a statewide one-size-fits-all “solution” that cannot fit all California communities

The the very bases of these bills are unsound and cannot be fixed through amendment

This legislation is supported by the big money special interests that will get the windfall profits from the people


Long Term Goals

Empowered Citizens

Send a strong message to legislators by defeating SB-827 and SB-828


Establish a unified network of citizen coalitions across California


Empower this network to defend local democracy and representative government against the increasing overreach of big money influence and big government usurping the citizens’ powers

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