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Report: Rent is Actually Unaffordable in Every State

By Laura Paddison : huffpost.com The ‘Out of Reach’ report shows the housing crisis is hitting renters hard, especially those earning the minimum wage. Plenty of evidence shows how widespread and devastating America’s housing crisis is, but perhaps none quite as starkly as this: There’s not a single state, metropolitan area or county in the

League of Women Voters Lends Name to a Stage-Managed Partisan Event

By Eric Krock The League of Women Voters has a well-deserved reputation for sponsoring non-partisan voter education events. That reputation was jeopardized on Friday evening when the League co-sponsored a shamelessly one-sided, stage-managed event with Scott Wiener in Palo Alto. The event was billed as a forum on housing bill S.B. 50 with Scott Wiener,

Scott Wiener’s Techniques of Unethical Persuasion

By Eric Krock Friday evening’s forum in Palo Alto on S.B. 50 was a sham and a bust as a voter education event, but it was an outstanding opportunity to see Scott Wiener demonstrate his unethical persuasion techniques in person. Here were some of the lowlights of his comments. Mischaracterize the status quo Wiener described

Tech, not recalcitrant cities, is the root of our housing crisis

Tech, not recalcitrant cities, is the root of our housing crisis By Eric Filseth in SF Chronicle Open Forum “Bay Area voters understand the root of our housing crisis is not local officials — the political narrative — but enormous tech demand for housing. The region has generated vast wealth, but hasn’t invested enough of

How San Francisco broke America’s heart

How San Francisco broke America’s heart “This is unregulated capitalism, unbridled capitalism, capitalism run amok. There are no guardrails,” says Salesforce founder and chairman Marc Benioff, a fourth-generation San Franciscan who in a TV interview branded his city “a train wreck.” There’s an ongoing battle between the NIMBYs and YIMBYs over development in one of

Can ‘SLO life’ survive when tech comes to town?

· PCASTS Can ‘SLO life’ survive when tech comes to town? By Bill Fink May 24, 2019 Photo: miroslav_1, Getty Images/iStockphoto “On Feb. 21, days after Amazon backed out of its plan to stage a second headquarters in New York City, the mayor of San Luis Obispo issued a statement lambasting the online retailer for

You didn’t have to live in the suburbs to see the dangers of SB 50

Opponents of SB 50 warned of the housing bill's impact on diverse, working-class urban neighborhoods like Los Angeles' Jefferson Park, above. (Los Angeles Times) To the editor: While I have great respect for anyone assigned to report on Sacramento, having covered it myself as a columnist in the Arnold Schwarzenegger era, I take issue with

Build More Housing’ Is No Match for Inequality

A new analysis finds that liberalizing zoning rules and building more won’t solve the urban affordability crisis, and could exacerbate it. Build more. That’s what a growing number of urbanists hail as the solution to the surging home prices and stark inequality of America’s superstar cities and tech hubs. They want to relax regulations that

Oblivious to reality, Senator Wiener trips over American’s third rail

Oblivious to reality, Senator Wiener trips over American's third rail "Senator Wiener’s failure to gain traction for his far left, ideological, anti-single family home crusade, most recently evidenced by the failure of Senate Bill 50 to advance in Sacramento, is directly tied to his inability to comprehend what is fundamentally important to the average Californian.

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