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Cupertino Mayor Says His City Approves Housing Fast

Cupertino Statistics - 2016 Snapshot Similar to some Bay Area cities, Cupertino is actually way above their RHNA goals for apporving market-rate housing units but are way under for their below market rate housing units. Population: 60,297 Households: 20,500 Employed Residents: 29,500 Jobs: 36,253 Housing Units: 21,560 Employed Residents per Household: 1.37 Jobs per Employed

L.A. Luxury Building Boom is Hurting Everyone

By Dick Platkin in citywatchla.com PLATKIN ON PLANNING-No, your eyes aren’t lying. Los Angeles is experiencing a building boom, mostly high-rise luxury hotels and apartments in a few select neighborhoods. Some are already open, others are under construction, and the rest are either pulling permits or finalizing financing. Those claims that LA’s zoning is so

We All Suffer: San Francisco Techies Hate the City They Overran

By Julia Carrie Wong : theguardian.com It was a beautiful winter day in San Francisco, and Zoe was grooving to the soundtrack of the roller-skating musical Xanadu as she rode an e-scooter to work. The 29-year-old tech worker had just passed the Uber building when, without warning, a homeless man jumped into the bike lane

S.F. Leaders Fear that SB 330 Muzzles Us, Enriches Developers

By Tim Redmond, June 29, 2019, 48Hills.Org. Testimony looks at how ‘streamlining’ bill would cut the public out of crucial development discussions. Several members of the Planning Commission expressed concern this week about SB 330, a bill by Sen. Nancy Skinner that is supposed to speed up housing development– and one commissioner said the city

Wall Street Salivates Over Wiener’s Disastrous SB 50

By John Mirisch : calmatters A new Wall Street “product.” Another investment hard-sell for global capital. A timeshare sales strategy. Behind all the talk of solving California’s housing challenges and providing more homes, at the end of the day that’s all Senate Bill 50, the “bold” plan by Sacramento politicians to eliminate single-family zoning, really

Bay Area Commission Explores Limiting Tech Towers

By Simon Perez KPIX-5 Video The Metropolitan Transportation Commission is thinking about ways to reduce the traffic and housing crunch in its Plan Bay Area 2050. One of the concepts the MTC is looking at is putting a cap on office space in cities that have more jobs than houses. The idea is to push

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