Annual Sacramento Calendar

May 20 – May 31 –  Floor votes in Houses of Origin:



June 3 – July 13  Policy Hearings in Opposite house of the origin of the bill

Resource – Committee Members Names and Contacts – Download spreadsheets

Resource – CA Legislature Advocates Portal to submit your Position.  The portal is available to individuals and advocates through the link:

Call, write emails, submit letters on organizational letterhead using the Advocates Portal.  If a bill doesn’t die in committee, follow it to the next and repeat.


July 12 – August 11 – Summer Recess

Schedule meetings with your Senator/Assembly person. Form a team of 2-3 from the district, w/ 1-2 elected officials, a business person, and a community leader.


August 12 – Sept 13  A sprint to the end of the session, ripe time for shenanigans

Send emails / letters to Appropriations Committees.


Sept 3 – 13 –  Final Floor Sessions

Call Senators/Assembly reps. Similar to activity from May 20-31.


Sept 14 – October 13  On Governor’s desk.