Date:    Saturday, April 6, 2019
Time:   1:30 – 3:30 pm (seating begins at 1:15)
Where: Cupertino Senior Center, 21251 Stevens Creek Blvd.

With Livable California founder Susan Kirsch, Sunnyvale Council Member Michael Goldman, Pleasanton Council Member Julie Testa, Cupertino Mayor Steven Scharf, and Palo Alto Council Member Lydia Kou 

Affordable housing production in the Bay Area has been beset by:

  • An imbalance of (too much) office development and (too little) housing production
  • Housing that is approved by the government but not built by developers
  • Lack of funding for affordable housing units

Some consequences of the lack of affordable housing are:

  • Skyrocketing rent and housing costs
  • Flight of mid-wage workers (e.g. Teachers)
  • Gentrification and homelessness
  • Increasing commutes and traffic congestion
  • Increasing taxes

Nevertheless, California State legislators are crafting bills that will exacerbate the housing crisis and decrease quality of life. The bills will decrease local governments’ ability to plan for appropriate growth, and will increase the freedom of the real estate industry to build what most improves their profitability. The bills are based on the questionable narrative and approach of the ASA Compact — public outreach was grossly inadequate, and 98% of cities were left out of the decision making process.

What is this forum about?
Most of the public is unaware of the huge potential impact of these bills on their communities. The goal of our Silicon Valley Housing Forum is to raise awareness about the significant changes that will occur where we live if these bills become laws. Our expert panelists will share views and entertain questions from the audience.

Why should I attend?
California Senate and Assembly committees will vote on the new housing bills during the month of April. You can participate in the democratic process by communicating your concerns to legislative committee members and by sharing information among your social networks. Educate yourself and let your voice be heard.

Last year, SB (Senate Bill) 827 was voted down in committee due to constituents’ outcry. The bill has been resurrected as SB 50 and is likely to pass out of committee unless there is a similar public outcry in April.

There are a dozen other bills with ugly consequences for local governments and their communities.



Sponsored by the Better Cupertino Action Committee, FPPC # 1395411